Things to come

Hello everyone. Sorry for not updating the blog for almost two months, but there’s a reason to it.
I was on last stretch of training for my first marathon at Kyoto. The event was on this past weekend, which I finished without injuries. It’s a¬†fascinating experience, which I will dig into in future posts. With that on the rear view mirror,¬†I am back with lots of stuff to share.
A few things that I will definitely write in length are:
  • The cancellation of Kansai Thru Pass (KTP) next month (March 2017). Also, the end of flexipass in the Kansai area, and exploration into rail pass options.
  • A practical guide to applying, planning and preparing for a marathon in Japan.
  • A detailed look into using rail passes and local LCC (low cost carriers) flights in Japan.
  • Trip journals of past Japan trips I have gone to.
Stay tuned!