A Question to You

I have this question in my mind since I started this blog.

What is your budget for a trip to Japan, and how much are you willing to spend if someone do the planning for you?

You see, one of my favorite hobbies is planning trips. I don’t care whether I go or not at the end, I plan anyway. And I know most people consider this a chore. That’s the reason for travel agencies and guided tours continue to exist in this age, after all.

Even for me, I would sometimes want to relax and let other people do the planning. Heck, I have been to Thailand for a few times, and I hadn’t plan at all each time. My travel mates (family and friends) did all the basic arrangements, and I went with the flow.

Yet, what if you don’t have friends that know their way in Japan, and you need to do the planning yourself? Would you prefer to slog through countless websites to get the information you need? Or would you want someone to do it for you, for a small fee?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.