What I am working on now

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I am in Hong Kong, my hometown. I have change jobs since 2022, and now working a day job to make ends meet. While I won’t have as much time as before to work on my creations, that only push me to better utilize time that I have.

Video editing is still the side gig for me. I have been in cooperation with Proverse, a local publisher that is quite active in literature and poetry publishing. I have so far helped them with two of their event videos, where you can find here, here, and here.

I am also putting some time to the YouTube channel for Travel Japan Like A Local. You can find it right here.

Here are a few other projects I am working on, in no particular order:

  1. Writing my first Japan travel guide. It is about how to make use of your time in Kyoto, and have fun there. The first draft is ongoing (deadline currently at first quarter, 2021).
  2. Taking a real close look at data science and AI. My current job involves a lot of data, and with such tasks quickly going to AI, I want to stay on top of things and avoid obsolescence.
  3. Working my way to becoming a Tango teacher. I love the dance, and really want to share it with people. Through teaching, I could share my understanding of the dance and the culture.

For now, these are my main focus, everything else will be secondary. That said, if my priorities change, I will update them here. Feel free to contact me at griffonfw@gmail.com.

Last update: April 12th, 2023