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Welcome to the fourth episode of Travel Japan Local News! This episode features a lot of news, like: unmanned gift shop landing at Haneda Airport, Osaka Expo preparations, Joetsu Shinkansen upgrading, and follow-up on the Nishi Kyushu Shinkansen from episode 1.


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MLIT EXPO 2025 Infrastructure enhancement project brief:
Yodo River Ferry Introduction:
Namba redevelopment for more pedestrian and rest space:
Umekita Redevelopment phase 2:

さよなら「E4系」… JR東日本、上越新幹線に「E7系」10月2日からドカンと増車 他の車両とは何が違う?

Original News:


Original news:
JR Kyushu Announcement:
Yoriyu hotel profile:

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