JR Hokkaido opening unmanned mobile hotel in Sapporo

JR Hokkaido had teamed up with local share house operator Massive Sapporo in a new, automated hotel called JR Mobile Inn. It is created to serve longer-term stays of foreign tourists and is located in the district of Kotoni in Sapporo.

The hotel had the front desk automated through terminals for check-in and check-out and had three mobile home style bungalows. All the bungalows can cater up to six people and had all the amenities: toilet, shower, kitchen and washer/dryer. Which mean possibly a very convenient stay for tourist that had limited command of Japanese language (hopefully the check-in terminal had multi-language interfaces…).

News report on minpaku.biz: https://min-paku.biz/news/jr-mobile-inn.html
JR Hokkaido Press release: https://www.jrhokkaido.co.jp/CM/Info/press/pdf/d84089701e41dcffb03d809f7944572e_1.pdf