2019 New Year Holiday Japan Transportation Bulletin! (Updated Dec 18th)

Update note:
December 18th: Updated most of the TBA info, including all of Hokkaido, Shikoku, and Kyushu. What is TBA at the moment is not yet available on the official websites of the respective transportation company.

Ah, another year, another New Year Holiday. Welcome to 2019 New Year Holiday Japan Transportation Bulletin. Every year, we summarise schedules of transportation companies operating on New Year’s Eve and during the New Year Holiday.

While this bulletin has become a tradition of Travel Japan Like A Local, we want to make things even easier for you. Thus, this year we put all the information in a spreadsheet instead of a long list. The spreadsheet is arranged by area and had collapsable groups by the areas. You can collapse the areas that are not relevant to your travel.

As the transportation companies release their New Year schedules on different days, we will update every Monday and Saturday. The updates will continue up to New Year’s Eve, so please check back here often!