Quick Takes – January 3rd, 2019

Happy New Year! Welcome to Quick Takes, first edition of 2019. Let’s dig right into the news!

  • Luggage storage service ecbo cloak to expand in Kyushu: After the opening of service in JR West Car Rental offices last month, ecbo cloak announced further expansion in March. This time, ecbo cloak will work with Jr Kyushu’s “Travel Window” travel agency inside JR Hakata Station. “Travel Window” will provide space for up to 100 suitcases, which can be booked via ecbo cloak’s website. This is the second location they have inside Hakata Station, and among the dozens other shops that collaborate with ecbo cloak in Fukuoka.
  • Looking forward to Setouchi Art Festival 2019? Looking for a convenient location to stay and enjoy the festival? Takamatsu could be a good choice. Here’s an article about Takamatsu and why you should consider staying there for the festival.
  • Kanazawa Kenroku-en will have its annual Winter Light Up event, this year from February 1st to 19th. Kenroku-en is well known for the magnificently built gardens, as well as the snow scene, which features tree protecting Yukitsuri. It will be open from 1730 to 2100 hours during the light up period, admission will be free (unlike daytime visits, which charges an admission fee).
  • JR East Japan had started two new Twitter accounts to announce information about their Shinkansen and Limited Express services. The Shinkansen account is https://twitter.com/JRE_Super_Exp, and the Limited Express account is https://twitter.com/JRE_Lim_Exp_etc. While the announcements are in Japanese, with the built-in translation of Twitter, you can have somewhat clunky translations of the announcements available anytime.

That’s it for this week. Stay tuned before the weekend, as we will release the first instalment of our trip report series, which will be Felix’s Momiji trip last November. And, if you haven’t done it already, please add our official Instagram account to your collection: https://instagram.com/traveljapanlocal

See you all next week!