Quick Takes – February 1st, 2019

Hello everyone! After a one week hiatus, we are back with more news than ever. Seems like everyone had something new to report after the New Year holiday, and we are here to lay them all out for you.

  • Uber had big moves in Osaka and Tohoku area – Uber had announced expansion of their Uber Taxi service in Japan. Local taxi operators in Osaka area and Sendai/Fukushima/Aomori in Tohoku will start accepting Uber Taxi orders from now on. This is Uber’s second wave of expansion, after the announcement and start of service in Nagoya last December.
  • Odakyu ditching plastic straws from Romancecar trainsOdakyu will stop using plastic straws for all onboard drinks served on their Express train Romancecar. Paper straws will be used instead. Statistics show that one hundred and ten thousand straws were used on drinks served for the Romancecar service in 2017 alone. Thus, banning plastic straws should be a big boost in reducing plastic waste. Odakyu will also stop using plastic straws at their own hotels.
  • Blades will be banned on buses and taxis from April 1st – The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism had issued a ban on carrying blades on buses and taxis. It will come into effect by April this year. It is a response to an incident in June 2018, which a criminal had stabbed several people on a Shinkansen train. All rail companies had banned cutlery for passengers voluntarily after the incident. Now, MLIT steps up the ban on bus and taxis as well. The rule is: any blades that are six inches or longer must be placed in a case, wrapped in wrapping paper, inside a sturdy box or bag. The wrapping must remain intact when in a taxi or bus. Blades that are less than six inches in length could be carried without wraps, but it must be placed in a bag during the ride.
  • There’s an app for ecbo cloak – At last, ecbo cloak had finally released an app for their luggage storage service! Users can register new accounts, add their credit card info for payment, and book storage, all from the app. It’s available in English for iOS and Android.

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