NAKED apply their magic to aquariums (and back to Nijo Castle)!

Naked Inc., known for its elaborate light-based installation art, is back this year with new content!

Last year, they made their debut in traditional monuments for their “fLOWERS” installation in Nijo Castle, Kyoto. And this year Naked will reprise the ir act at Nijo Castle, as a commemoration of the Castle being selected as a World Heritage Site. The art show started last week and will run until December 8th. Opening hours will be from 5:45 pm to 10:00 pm, last entry until 9:00 pm.

1400 yen for adults and high school students
800 yen for elementary school students

At the same time, Naked will also run another installation called Naked Star Aquarium, at Maxwell Aqua Park Shinagawa in Tokyo. The theme of the exhibit mixes stars and aquarium, as well as marine animals like dolphins and seals. The art show will start from November 2nd until December 25th, from 10 am to 10 pm.

2300 yen for adults and high school students
1200 yen for elementary and junior high students
700 yen for infants

fLOWERS by Naked event page:
Naked Star Aquarium event page: