Hokkaido Earthquake Alert – useful information

Right after Typhoon Jebi ravaged Kansai area, a magnitude 6.7 earthquake hit Hokkaido in the early morning of September 6th local time. Electricity is out in most areas of Hokkaido, JR Hokkaido and New Chitose Airport are not operating today. Here’s some information for people at or about to be in Hokkaido.

If you are in Hokkaido now: 

  • Do not, repeat do not go to New Chitose Airport, it’s closed now and no sign of opening at least for today.
  • Check with your hotel if they can provide lodging for tonight at least.
  • Try checking with local ferry companies for any ferry service out of Hokkaido. There’s regular ferry service from Tomakomai and Otaru to other parts of Japan, the links of their websites are below. Since Tomakomai is very near the epicenter, it is uncertain whether their ferries will run or not.
  • Stay safe, of course. Japan Meteorological Agency had already alerted aftershock of similar magnitude will happen in the next few days. Please stay indoors in modern buildings if possible.

If you are going to go to Hokkaido this weekend:  Check your airline for their assessment, in case they haven’t get to you yet. Be prepared to change your trip plan and look for extra lodgings if needed.

Ferry companies running service to and from Hokkaido

Taiheiyo Ferryhttp://www.taiheiyo-ferry.co.jp/english/reservation/index.html

  • Tomakomai to Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture
  • Tomakomai to Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture

MOL Ferry: https://www.sunflower.co.jp/en/

Tomakomai to Oarai, Ibaraki Prefecture

Silver Ferry:https://www.silverferry.jp/reserve/

Tomakomai to Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture

Shin Nihonkai Ferry: http://www.snf.jp/english.html

  • Otaru to Maizuru, Kyoto Prefecture
  • Otaru to Niigata, Niigata Prefecture
  • Tomakomai to Akita, Akita Prefecture
  • Tomakomai to Niigata, Niigata Prefecture
  • Tomakomai to Tsuruga, Fukui Prefecture