Quick Takes – June 28th, 2019

Welcome to this week’s Quick Takes! Sorry for not being around the last two weeks, as I suffered from stomach flu and took a while recovering. In any case, here’s the news for this week!

  • A ninja cafe in Asakusa?: Ninja. Secret Japanese assassins from ancient times. Wanna try to be one? You don’t have to go to far away Iga in Mie Prefecture! There’s a ninja cafe right in Asakusa, Tokyo! There are costumes for adults and children, weapons to try on. Their cafe serves ninja-themed food, with special diet needs also covered (e.g. vegan, halal, vegetarian).
  • Summer fireworks in Tokyo: Summer is in full force in Japan. And with it comes the traditional events: fireworks and summer festivals. Fireworks will be blasting into the night sky of Tokyo from the end of July to August. The article here mentioned three of them, which are some of the biggest fireworks events in Tokyo. If you are in Tokyo during July and August, these will be a great way to spend a night!
  • JR Resort Shirakami trains to add WiFi access: Resort Shirakami is a reserved seat only scenic train, which runs from Aomori to Akita. The ride is almost 5 hours from one end to the other, so connectivity is important. Thus, it’s great news that JR East will introduce their free WiFi service, starting July 1st. The service requires registration with an e-mail address. It will provide unlimited connection in three hours intervals throughout the day.
  • Keio to introduce multi-lingual AI info robot at Shimokitazawa Station: AI information robots are all the craze in Japan right now. And Keio will update their existing robot with new features. Health care giant Omron created the robot, and it had been in service in Keio Shimokitazawa Station since the past March. The latest update will add English, Chinese and Korean support to the robot, for more comprehensive service to tourists.

That’s it for this week. Also, did you see our new series “Trains, Buses, Ferries and Planes”? The first part is already available here. We talked about why other than JR, there are a lot of alternatives to get around Japan. And the second part will go live this Friday Eastern time.

I will see you all next week~