I’m back.

Hello everyone. I guess everyone here should have wondered, where had Felix been? The short answer would be: I have been going on location to do some prep work for a future project.

I was in Kyoto in mid-November for the maple season there. This year’s climate is kind weird. Even though the maple scene was just about to hit the peak a few days AFTER I left, it was still beautiful. For a first-timer like me, it’s an adventure to experience momiji (maple in Japanese) in person. And I intend to share the experience with you in detail, in the next few weeks.

With December already here, no doubt some of you would be traveling to Japan during the New Year holiday. To help you with quick reference with the transportation situation, we had prepared the annual NYE (New Year’s Eve) Japan Transportation Bulletin and it is now live on the site. The bulletin will have rolling updates on Tuesdays and Saturdays throughout December; check it out before you fly!

Also, Quick Takes is back, bringing to you all the latest travel news right from the source.

Finally, I have started an Instagram page to share photos and videos I took during my trips. Check them out at https://www.instagram.com/traveljapanlocal.

Hope you would enjoy your time here. As always, please leave your comments/suggestions/criticism/praise to me, on Instagram/Messenger/blog comments/Twitter.