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I am in Hong Kong, my home town. I got redundant out of my day job this past May. Now, for the first time in the past twenty years, I had no regular job to go to. My priorities, therefore, had changed quite a bit. That said, Argentine Tango is still my main focus. I am going to make Travel Japan Like A Local my main focus while I keep looking for work.

Aside from these, here are a few projects I am working on, in no particular order:

  1. Learning Japanese. I have been using Japanese on and off since my teen years, and recently it had become apparent that know the language in a proficient level will help my business. So back to school in September 2018.
  1. Looking and developing opportunities for extra income. Got a family to support real soon, that’s why.
  2. Working my way to become a Tango teacher. I love the dance, and really want to share it with people. Through teaching, I could share my understanding of the dance and the culture to my future students.

For now, these are my main focus, everything else will be secondary. That said, if my priorities changes, I will update them here. Feel free to contact me at

Last update: August 7th, 2018