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I am in Hong Kong, my home town. I go to work as a responsible employee, get work done, and get the hell out of office once done. Take Argentine Tango class three times a week. Dropped pottery since the beginning of 2016, contemplating a come back soon.

Aside from these, here are a few projects I am working on, in no particular order:

  1. Writing for my new travel blog, Travel Japan Like A Local.
  2. Taking product pictures for my pottery work. Maybe for a new site, but definitely for my Etsy store soon.
  3. Brush up my knowledge of HTML and CSS. I probably know more Japanese than these languages, so need to learn more to support my online work.
  4. Prepping for the Kyoto Marathon in 2017. I had DNF (did not finish) this year, and vow to return stronger next year. I will get this sucker done this time!  Finished! Not a spectacular finish, but I got it done at five hours and 47 minutes!
  5. Looking and developing opportunities for extra income. Got a family to support real soon, that’s why.

For now, these are my main focus, everything else will be secondary. That said, if my priorities changes, I will update them here. Feel free to contact me at

Last update: November 3rd, 2016